GIPTECH Trusted Call Services

Let your customers know who is calling by providing subscribers caller intelligence that allows them to confidently answer or reject phone calls. Our next generation Caller ID solution returns the best and accurate results.

Our solutions are ideal for CLECs, Call Centers, VoIP providers, Small and Large Enterprises that are looking for the best quality, best coverage, and easy integration and administration.

Local number (DID) CNAM Storage and Delivery

GIPTECH CNAM solution is highly accurate as we have the largest coverage in the industry.

Our solution offers over 95% match-rate for CNAM in North America while competitions are limited to 30 - 60%.

Industry statistics show callers are 50% or more likely to pick up their phone if they know who’s calling.

Integration and administration made as simple as it gets.

Toll Free CNAM Storage and Delivery

GIPTECH and its partners have revolutionized Toll Free industry with their Caller Name service. This unique product offering is extremely accurate, easy to implement, and dips almost all the Realtime CNAM Databases in North America.

This is industry first which will finally allow Businesses to create a crucial brand impression. Businesses invest a lot in advertising and marketing, so it is critical that subscribers intuitively associate their calls with the brand.